Concluding Thoughts:

It is important to continue connecting the dots between the work and effort of the Central Office staff and the schools. The guiding principle is that no decision exists without a rationale or without students and schools in mind. We only exist to serve student learning.

Unfortunately, we are still surprising our schools and our employees — even after we think we have communicated. We must do better. These are talented people in both areas with different roles — those who directly work with students and those who support those who work directly with students. The common denominator is the laser-focus on students.

We will continue building capacity within our changing workforce — baby boomers are retiring and millennials are entering. We are building capacity in the building leaders of tomorrow and creating new ownership in the improvement of JCPS. We must simultaneously build the capacity in our students with academic skills and dispositions to be successful — harnessing the 24/7 world we live in to drive learning. Personalizing learning means it won’t fit in the same box of time, and will need to engage students in authentic ways. As Superintendent of JCPS, I want to make every minute count to support what matters most— each student learning, growth, and development. I will keep in mind and heart the twin principles of equity and excellence in every decision I make. I can’t wait to make vision 2020 a reality for our Louisville community!

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