All Eyes on Kentucky

All eyes are on Kentucky! And on Louisville, in particular.


Not only is there national interest in unseating the Country’s Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who hails from our state, there’s also a badly needed tax measure on the ballot that will support racial equity in our public schools.

Just like the Kentucky Derby, once it starts, you won’t want to take your eyes off of us! Well, Kentucky began early voting across the state on Oct. 13, and mail-in ballots are also available. We have every indication Kentucky voter turnout will be high among all of our impacted communities. Jefferson County is home for half of the state’s Black population. And Black voters in Louisville are credited with the Governor’s narrow win in 2019. If positioned properly, this tax measure has the potential to drive a lot of Black and Black-allied voters to the polls, which could have significant impact on races up the ballot. Not to mention, there is a tea-party candidate running for our school board in District 7, who has been documented making anti-immigrant and anti-teacher comments, who thinks “privilege” is “politically correct bullkrap.”


We need all eyes on Kentucky! They may try to pull a fast one. You’ve seen our corrupt Attorney General and former Governor. These are folks with close ties to Mitch McConnell. With Breonna Taylor, a graduate from Jefferson County Public Schools, at the forefront of the movement for Black lives, and in particular Black female lives, Jefferson County is ground zero. This election creates a never-before seen window of opportunity to drive energized voters to the polls to bring meaningful change up and down the ballot.


In 2016, our organization successfully backed underdog school board candidates who vowed to hold the superintendent accountable. In 2017, we spearheaded a rally calling for her to step down, which she did. Since that time, Dear JCPS has been involved in successfully fending off many other predatory attacks, including a state takeover of our district, charter schools and vouchers, and removing ineffective and predatory public servants up and down the ballot. The 2020 election is no exception. 


Please see the attached information regarding our grassroots organization’s position on the issues and candidates for the 2020 election.




The release goes on to explain that the decision-making council for the People’s Agenda has not yet held a vote regarding their position on the tax increase. One could come as early as tomorrow.


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