Ashley Duncan

I can’t quite figure out any other reason for this presentation, than to put it all on front street, and if so, I salute those behind it.

We lost another great Black female educator who clearly added value to the organization, but chose to leave. In her parting words, near the end of this video clip, she implores the board to make sure her replacement stays.


I really want to implore this board to be sure that this person in this position stays.

~ Ashley Duncan

How is this over anyone’s head? She is CHOOSING TO LEAVE a job that she implores the board to ensure stays. This is a giant red flag! To me, this is her way of saying she is CHOOSING to leave because they are not willing to do the right things. In other words, she is not choosing to leave. She is just choosing not to stay and be a part of the continued harm and disrespect. She is saying she believes her departure was completely within district leaders, AKA Dr. Pollio’s control. And Diane Porter knew it and wanted the rest of the board and the world to see it. What else can it mean? Was Ashley too subtle? Does anyone know any of the back story other than what is seen in this report? Email me at