Do Epstein’s Student Victims Resemble Manual’s?

Could they be parallel networks? Or are they one in the same?

Here are some of the most recent stories we are following. Let us know your thoughts.

Before 2022

2022-06-28  Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years for helping Epstein

2024-02-29 – Jeffrey Epstein Grand Jury Report Released

For this next question, we think it is because the answer is “yes.”

Why was the first case against Jeffrey Epstein torpedoed? Judge decides public won’t find out

Don’t look away now.

2024-03-02 – Jeffrey Epstein case: Here are the main players in the early case and where they are now

2024-03-11 – Perversion of Justice: Jeffrey Epstein – a series of stories focusing partly on the role of Acosta — who by this point is President Donald Trump’s labor secretary — in arranging his unusual plea deal.