COVID Dashboard Discrepancy Report

We have received numerous reports of COVID cases and quarantines that are not yet reflected in the Dashboard which can be accessed here; JCPS COVID19 YTD Data – Google Drive. In addition, one of the hourly reports featured a spike in cases and sites, but that information quickly disappeared with the next hour’s refresh. I blogged about it here.

In addition to the risks to life and health of our JCPS community, the latest spike in COVID cases is also creating crisis conditions at our local hospitals and putting incredible strains on healthcare workers, space and equipment. Because we as adults have a responsibility to keep our district’s children safe, it is imperative that we are armed with the most accurate and up-to-date data available, in order to make the best decisions.

For example, we’ve heard from a parent that quarantine letters went home with students on Wednesday, but their school is still not listed on the dashboard 3 days later. Another teacher at a South End school learned that a student who tested positive for COVID may have been sent back to class. At another school, a student who had requested a COVID test was denied, and their parent had to come and take them to a clinic instead. We’ve heard from an East End school that some school nurses feel “caught in the middle” by being told not to report accurate counts, while other schools are taking more than 48 hours (and still counting) to send out notifications of close contact to other staff members. To get out of quarantining, some school leaders are apparently even forging seating charts to pretend they were practicing social distancing when a positive case was discovered, when they’re actually not. Others are telling symptomatic teachers to report to duty, while other schools are still requiring teachers to report to in-person staff meetings, without providing virtual alternatives.

The disparities by zip code are alarming, as well. Many indications are that the district’s infection rate is much worse than some are letting on, while some schools continue to act as if everything is business as usual. Wait times to get tested in South Louisville is over 8 hours, while doctors are telling parents they are bracing for a big influx from JCPS. They know it’s coming.

We know JCPS staff are working extra hard to make sure this data is reported accurately and timely. But sometimes things can occur that prevent everything getting where it needs to be. In order to make sure ALL JCPS stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information about their school, we have developed a discrepancy reporting tool to enlist community support in determining if any schools may require additional research or assistance.

What are you seeing/hearing at your schools?

JCPS employees may not feel comfortable answering this survey honestly without fearing the wrath of a bully administrator. First, I want to assure you that your name and any identifying information will not be shared with anyone beyond the Dear JCPS Leadership Team. However, because we don’t want anything to prevent you from sharing information that could save lives, you will have the option to remain anonymous. We ask that parents and staff provide contact information so that we may follow up if necessary to make sure our reporting is as accurate as possible. Please ask around and if you learn of any cases or quarantines that have yet to be reported, please share details with us so we can warn others so they can take appropriate safety measures. You can also private message me if you wish to stay anonymous. 

We have created this data-gathering form to help bridge that gap. Watch for reports to be published on our website and social media over the next few days. Thank you for looking out for our kids and our community!