Excuse me? Is This Really Happening Again?

I recently blogged about the last time the district tried to gaslight me into believing an incident never happened after acknowledging previously that it had.

2023-08-04 | The Devil Made Me Do It


It hasn’t even been a month, and now they’re trying it with someone else. 


I asked them for video footage of the incident from the report I received back from Open Records and the reason they gave for not being able to release it was because of FERPA and since I’m not the person shown, they can’t give it to me. I replied by pointing out that since the event happened in 2014, the person would no longer be a minor. In the reply email, their attorney stood her ground and argued that “FERPA rights continue past the age of 18.” They literally said they would release it if they had the signed consent of the student.


So, I pulled a rabbit out of my hat and asked the young lady who filed the initial complaint to ask for the video. I found her through some of the other victims. This runs deep, y’all.

She comes back to tell me,

“they no longer have the footage.”

As you can see from the email exchange above, on Monday, August 14, 2023, they have offered to hand over the evidence with the signed consent of the student. But by Monday, August 21, 2023, following the weekend when the student who is now an adult reaches out to the open records clerk and asks for it, she is told the video no longer exists!

WHERE DID IT GO? If it didn’t exist, why isn’t that the excuse you gave me? You didn’t know I already found her, did you?

Stop! FRAUD! TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE! I DECLARE A CITIZEN’S ARREST and AUDIT of these internal investigations, cover-ups and secret lawsuit settlements!