“Fluff” and “Hit” Pieces in the Media

Here are some examples of stories of questionable newsworthiness, from questionable, anonymous or non-credible sources, that have been published in recent years.

This appears to be intended to make it look like JCTA’s white supremacists’ favored candidates are “change” when in fact they are the same six or so people who have been behind the scenes of the state’s largest teachers union for quite some time. Those challenging status quo are not even mentioned because the filing window has not even happened yet. Who “tipped” the media off to this “story?”



This appears to be dragging up unrelated allegations that have already been addressed as an attempt to muddy the water or re-incriminate him. Who thought this was relevant? Why?


There was also the time Olivia Krauth did a whole thing that caused me to write this post:

What’s in a Tweet?

When she finally became aware of it, months later, she made it all about her and accused me of saying something I didn’t even say, totally missing the point. Makes you wonder who brought it to her attention and how they explained it, because she clearly took it out of context. Read the article and see where I “lied about” her. I didn’t.

I can’t find the original but here’s the follow up.


Poor little Olivia thinks everyone is out to get her, instead of looking at the crimes taking place in front of her.