Formulating Gaytopia

Imagine a society where most of us spent our time making a contribution to the greater good, enjoying our freedoms  and modern innovations, and spending time with loved ones.

During our childhood, most of us would spend our days learning, socializing, and volunteering in our community. From our twenties until our early fifties, we would care for our elders and our children, working in our communities and providing for our families. Upon reaching our golden years, we would have found a more comfortable place in our lives, still contributing, but in a less rigorous and taxing way. This is the time for those who did all of the caring to once again be cared for.

My friends and I jokingly call this imaginary, perhaps sometime in our future, place “Gaytopia,” because the name itself would also weed out the bigots. Can we convert our perverted and corrupt current society to a Gaytopia? Or do we have to abandon everything and start new? Do we have further to fall and do more have to suffer before we finally reach “rock bottom” and start to move forward again? Or can we transform this mess into something intentional, purposeful and merciful?

“Finding my religion” this Easter Sunday.

I am not a religious person. In fact, I usually introduce myself to new people I meet as Atheist, because that is the simplest way, without a lengthy explanation, to distance myself from the today’s Christianity, which is the belief system of my small-nosed, noble white ancestors.

What I do believe is the subject of a future blog, not today’s. But you should know that I believe Jesus was real. I believe he was wrongfully accused, tried and punished. And that the awakening that followed was not entirely unlike what we are experiencing across this city, this country and this planet. I don’t denounce Christianity, so much as I do the mob mentality that killed Jesus and so many others like him.

Now more than ever, I understand the expression “Jesus died for our sins.” I believe that Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others died, and continue to die, for our sins, just as Jesus did.

On this very unusual Easter Sunday, I want to take a moment to reflect upon what I consider to be modern day parallels to Biblical times. Some may call my words sacrilegious, but, now more than ever, this non-believer can see how thought leaders and organizers in the community could have come together after the events that led to Jesus being crucified by that era’s “police” and said, “We must never let this happen again!” and wrote a book that would stand the test of time, as the Bible has.

I don’t think you have to be religious to live a life that attempts to emulate the good character and selflessness of Jesus. Of course, there will be Christians who condemn this post from someone they would call a “non-believer.” They will say I’m oversimplifying the holy gospel or denigrating their savior. But not to worry. This post is an equal opportunity offender, as Atheists and free-thinkers will no doubt condemn me for “selling out.” Although I am quick to claim to be one of them, Atheists would probably disown me for such a sappy post. Especially these days, after experiencing and documenting several experiences that I haven’t yet been able to explain, other than calling them “God moments” and miracles.  But some day, I hope to try.  But I do know that things are changing drastically. We can either move with the change and play our role in helping guide and steer it to a better place, or we can be silent and sit back and watch it happen. 

But I am a Believer, just of a different sort. I Believe that when we follow the path of Truth, Justice and Righteousness, things happen for a Reason, as if by Design. Some might call some of the Signs we’ve experienced in this Work, a Miracle. I do. I can’t explain these events today.

I choose to speak up and continue to talk about the TRUTHS that I see, even if they’re oversimplified. If that upsets you, think about why. Is it more important what others believe? Or what they do? Why would Breonna, George or Jesus not be worthy of justice? How do we create an equitable form of government that transforms us from the sinful society we have become? That work is hopefully being carefully considered by people who care about the masses, but what if it’s not? What if a sinister plot to insurrect our government is so far along that by the time we figure it out, it will be too late? Is anyone preparing for Plan B? That brings me back to here and now: Gaytopia on Easter Sunday.

I believe that right here, right now, Louisville, Kentucky, Easter Sunday, 2021, we have arrived at another moment in history that resembles what I believe those who wrote the Bible intended to document and avoid. A handful of wealthy, out of touch, elites have taken control of the systems created by the people, only to be used against the people. Our modern day society has once again become so-self absorbed and corrupt, that it has no other option than to collapse, just as has happened historically. Most people are oblivious to the crash course we are headed into.

The patterns of history repeat themselves. And the revelations have start to come with greater frequency. So frequent, that people are now able to see them together, as cause and effect, forecasting what’s next. The increasing number of revelations have shown me that we are on the right path. The more correct our path, the more immediate the confirmation. The euphoria from those moments are addictive and enough to keep us coming back for more.

With each fork in the road, with each decision to be made, our day of reckoning comes nearer. Soon there will be #JusticeForBreonna. 

Until then, prepare for the locusts (Brood X Cicadas, specifically).

Stay prepared and alert.

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