Rigged and Politically Motivated Mask Survey

Conspiracy to defraud voters by staging and promoting a fraudulent survey of JCPS teachers related to the mask mandate was part of the report I sent to KREF and the FBI.

I also filed two reports with the FBI Tip line about what I believe to be unethical, fraudulent and possibly criminal behavior related to these incidents and events, but I have not heard back. One involving a KY House Rep elect and two officers of the teachers’ union. The other involving the mask survey and attempt to hijack a recent JCPS board meeting agenda.

On August 3, following the demonstration of power and intimidation by those who organized the Aug. 2 protest, including an interview by one of the “JCPS Parents” on WDRB. These parents represent a new wave of disruptions, not only do they not represent the longstanding groups that have been speaking up at board meetings and having a strong, supportive role in JCPS schools, including PTA, Dear JCPS and Louisville PTO.

JCTA President Brent McKim apparently unilaterally made the decision to send out a mask survey following the Aug. 2 demonstration. On the morning of Aug. 3, James Craig made a tweet about it encouraging folks to take it.

I heard from several members of JCTA, including some who serve as elected officers on the JCTA Board, who said they first learned about the survey when they opened it in their email. Many recognized it as a political maneuver to try to shift policy and they expressed their outrage. When I obtained a copy of the email exchange that took place between the JCTA President and members of the “authenticated JCTA Board,” not one, not two but THREE officers objected to his continued pursuit of this disingenuous abuse of power and asked him not to do anything else until a meeting could be conducted. He disregarded their concerns and sent a second survey to “further validate” results (see WDRB article) that were not valid to begin with. The first survey had been sent using Survey Monkey, which could be forwarded to non-JCTA members and taken more than once. This was confirmed in the JCTA Officer email thread and also by Olivia Krauth on Twitter.


Email thread shows 3 different female JCTA officers commenting how survey was compromised and two (both black) were not supportive of McKim acting further without a meeting.

(Name of female JCTA officer redacted)

(Full email thread attached separately.)



It wasn’t a “belief.” It was a demonstrated and proven fact. He still denies it happened and exaggerates how hard it was when we know for a fact it happened, regardless of what “one would expect.”