District Boundaries

Suggesting Neighborhood Schools is Racist Move

Dear JCPS,

Regarding this busing thing. Someone said “let the black kids go to school in the black neighborhood.” That is the problem. White officials closed 3/4’s of the schools in our area like years ago. Boarded them up or made apartments out of them so white kids did not get bused to our area. Started zero tolerance, physically and mentally abusing black kids, then throwing them in alternative placement to get them out of their school.

Now you say, “go to school in your own area?” There are only two high schools in the West End, and all the black high school kids can not squeeze in those two schools. They’re building new schools in other areas, so yes, white kids will go to school in their area, but not blacks. They are not investing in the black kids or the black area. So saying “go to school in your own area” is a very, very racist move. And not even realistic unless more public schools are built in our areas.

Concerned JCPS Parent & West End Resident

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