120 United’s Unhealthy Obsession With Me

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this topic, because, frankly, it creeps me out. However, as a seasoned marketing professional, I have gotten pretty good at picking up on patterns. Especially when they pop out of normal trendlines. So, although I try to ignore the petty infighting and ego-driven narratives, I do notice when there is an increase in calls from media, hits to social media or websites, or direct messages from concerned allies. Here is a quick upload of some of the messages I’ve received when things were popping.

These are messages forwarded to me from Tim Hill Jr., leader of JCPS Leads during some of the peak sickout activity, which he shared with me. I had absolutely zero to do with the formation or leadership of JCPS Leads. Someone sent me an invitation to the closed group. I remember the number of members by the time I joined being around the 1300 mark. I left very soon after joining, simply because I was attacked (often by non-JCPS members) every time I added context or commentary about the work we’ve been doing in Jefferson County, and I didn’t want to add to the division.

On or about March 1:

On or around March 2:

On or around March 3:

Funny how she can’t speak for Nema, the leader of her organization, but she has no trouble speaking for me, someone she’s never met. I’ve never “sent” anyone into Zone 3. Plenty of individuals went there on their own. And JCPS teachers and parents are smart. They can draw their own conclusions. It was pointed out to me on several occasions that most of the Zone 3 admins are not from Jefferson County, or if they are, they are in what some here call “public private schools.” I’ve not seen them fighting in the same trenches we’ve been in since 2013.

Also on or about March 3:


The morning of the strike, she seems surprised at what was accomplished and put herself in front of the cameras, very similarly to how KEA did the last time we organized a sickout. At least she said the right things this time.