2023-11-08 | SWAT Storms JCPS Campuses

We are putting together the pieces as we speak, so if you have something to add or correct, please email moderator@dearjcps.com. I submitted an open records request to LMPD.

Here’s one parent’s synopsis of the events:


About 9:00 AM (Source: Courier Press): Call came into Frederick Douglass High School in Lexington. This story from 14 News includes the 911 call of the threat.

“There is an active shooter inside the high school. Yes. 10 students have been shot up on the second floor. The shooter was a student.”

At 9:01 AM (Source: Facebook): Colerain High School in NE Ohio made their first Facebook post about the lockdown and by 9:05 AM, they had edited it to include the following:

Colerain High School is currently under a full lockdown. All staff and students are safe. Police have been notified and are on the scene. It appears to be swatting incident as well as a false alarm. Parents are asked not to come to the building at this time. We are continuing to communicate with staff and families via text and email.

9:16 AM (Source: Courier Press): Memorial High School in Evansville, Indiana received a call from someone with a “foreign accent”.

According to an EPD news release late Wednesday morning, dispatch received a call at 8:16 a.m. from a caller who “had a foreign accent and used a number that was not local to the area.”

He reportedly told dispatchers that an active shooter was inside Memorial and that “10 victims were down on the second floor.”

Time Unknown: Report of threat presumably came in to LMPD informing them that there was a gunshot victim on the second floor at duPont Manual High School in historical downtown Louisville, KY.

Time Unclear (but before 9:19, according to witnesses): SWAT arrives at Manual Main Entry and is let in by front office staff, who are visibly shaken, crying, as a result of the traumatic event. Principal is instructed to stay in office, caught unaware.

9:19 AM (Source: Manual Red Eye): – Announcement came over the PA from principal Newman.

“Lock down! This is not a drill.”

9:24 AM: Newman emails all staff, “I was made aware that LMPD received a call and dispatched all officers here. I do not have further information at this time. I will provide a status update ASAP.”

9:25 AM: Teacher asks, “Should we hunker down or attempt to evacuate?”

9:26 AM: Newman responds, “Stay.”

9:26 AM: Another Manual parent posts the incident on her social media, and I share it in Dear JCPS.

Around 9:30 AM: An ECE teacher has fashioned a knife to the end of a broomstick to protect herself and her students. It’s what we train them to do! Protect themselves at all costs! It’s all part of the ALICE training, but to an unwitting cop, who may have perceived her as the source of the threat, she could have been shot!

9:40 AM: Newman emails all staff, “Please remain where you are. LMPD is finalizing the clearing of the building. LMPD arrived at our building to investigate an active threat. We placed the building on heightened security. All students are safe at this time. We are unable to allow sign outs at this time. I will provide an update as I receive more information from LMPD.”

9:41 AM: LMPD posted on social media that there was “no active aggressor.”

10:23 AM: Newman emails all staff, “Still waiting – LMPD almost done with final walkthrough. Will provide more information soon.”

10:29 AM: All clear was sounded.



Insiders I spoke with said there was no notice before the SWAT team stormed the building. Despite the claim from JCPS that all protocols were followed, which was repeated in this WLKY story, I’m told the emergency protocols the school has in place were not able to be followed, some students were in the hallway, although, thankfully, the bell had rung and most were in class. I think someone should look into what really happened so that any gaps or misunderstandings are addressed.


  • Who made the call? We are hearing it may have been politically motivated by someone upset about the election results the night before. Especially since something similar happened across the district and state. It could also have been AI, some have said to me. My response is, “what does that even mean?” They shrug.
  • If JCPS has their own police force, why were they not contacted? Why did LMPD take matters into their own hands?
  • What is LMPD and district policy for these situations and was it followed?
  • Why was the principal not contacted? The superintendent? If I were them, I would be PISSED.
  • Why did JCPS cover for LMPD in their press statement, if our sources are correct?
  • Why is JCTA issuing an opinion on this and who crafted their response?
  • Was this a power play? A distraction? We can’t rule it out. We know how they roll.
  • Could this be an active investigation related to the crimes we’ve observed and reported at Manual?
  • Does Dr. Pollio’s reduced visibility have anything to do with it? You can’t exactly send him to the bus compound while they investigate.
  • Could it have been a STING disguised as a SWAT? How about a no-knock warrant executed in broad daylight? But presented with “good optics” to protect the district’s innocent-until-proven-guilty, too-powerful-to-fail leaders and flagship school? Hopefully not, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that some of the most elaborate crimes and coverups have been conducted by corrupted leaders with too much power. There’s a high-profile trial about one such individual going on now.