Another example is the email that was sent directly to you (no carbon copies) on or around May 26, 2019 with “URGENT” in the subject line and “felony” in the body. This critical email appears to have been intercepted by Theresa White, Dr. Pollio’s secretary. This email went unaddressed for TWO DAYS before the parent, who was clearly distraught, received a reply. 

The reply did not copy you, but instead was forwarded to Dr. Baete to address. When the victim, myself and another advocate met with you on Dec. 4, 2019 you stated that it was the first time you had been made aware of this situation.

As was suggested by Ms Renn, I resubmitted the open records request with broader flexibility in the search criteria, to include “to” and “from” only to learn that the results were still the same. According to the attached responsive records, there were no other emails, including blind copies where Dr. Pollio was informed.

I have heard Dr. Pollio comment on the importance of “customer service.” How would he feel to know that this parent, who is also a JCPS teacher, was not treated with respect, much less good customer service. But more importantly, these students have been denied the opportunity to receive the help they so desperately cry out for. Everyone involved with this story is concerned that adults, with whom the care and safety of these students has been entrusted, did not do their jobs, and that cover-ups have taken place.

I also did an open records request asking for physical copies of any items that were turned in at the school level. Nothing came up. However, Ms. Davis can confirm that she delivered the packet of evidence of these activities, involving 23 Manual students, to Mr. Farmer two days (I believe) before the end of the school year. Where is that packet?