2 comments on “A Warning to JCPS

  1. Well said!! I said the same thing to parents in this forum. Students need discipline when they misbehave. Parents should listen to teachers about the behavior of their children. Students behave differently when mom and dad are not around to yank a knot in their butt when they misbehave. Stop believing your child can do no wrong and give consequences to their actions. This district is losing out on the next generation of some really good teachers because they don’t want to address the serious behavior issue we are having. So glad I don’t have any children in school. Mine graduated in 2013 and every year was an uphill battle with the whole bullying issue. They told us in so many words not their problem.

  2. Well said! My daughter is just starting down the college path to one day be a teacher and at 19 years old and one year out of high school she has already said she will NOT work for JCPS, she will look for a teaching opportunity at one of the neighboring counties. I, as her mother, was relieved to hear her say that. If I had to do it all over again…I would NOT send my child to a JCPS school.

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