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Busing Should Stay

Dear JCPS,

Hi my name is CJ. I would like to talk to you about busing. I believe we should keep busing. I think this because it gives all students opportunities to go to schools in areas with more money. It also gives students opportunities to be with students unlike them.

That is good because you can communicate and talk about things that you wouldn’t even consider trying. The biggest reason why busing should stay is that it eliminates racism. We had so much racism in our past that it’s hard to believe it happened. If there is no busing it would go back to mostly white and black schools.

That could even bring back racism. One reason why people said busing shouldn’t be allowed is because it forces them to send their kids far away for good education. I disagree with this because if a kid can get a better education at another school, busing should not be an issue. I understand you guys are under pressure, but busing should stay.

I understand one issue about busing is the price of buses. There is gas to buy and a bunch of other stuff. One idea is to maybe change the design of the buses to use less gas. One example is to make it lighter because heavier vehicles use more gas.

JCPS, these are my reasons on why busing should stay. I am a student in Doss High School. I am writing this for a project, but I am also interested in the topic. I hope this letter would possibly shift your decision to keep busing.


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