From the Moderator

This site was created to assist the JCPS community in providing timely feedback to Board Members when items are being presented to them for a vote. This forum will follow courteous and constructive discourse. The page’s moderator reserves the right to remove any posts that are in violation of our standards.

As a new site, we will have growing pains, so thank you for your patience while we work out the best way to organize the content and manage the submissions. Suggestions are welcome.

We will add categories that we see on upcoming or current agendas, or that are creating a lot of buzz in the community. If you feel there is a category that should be addressed or would like to submit your own letter to Dear JCPS for others to comment on, please see HOW TO PARTICIPATE in the top right corner. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “From the Moderator”

  1. In light of all the focus on transparency, it would be nice if the District adopted the same policy it wants the schools to adopt. The Board should not be voting on policies that affect our students without seeking parent input and without notice that big issues are being decided.

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