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Letter from Student

Dear JCPS,

My name’s XXXXX and I am a senior at XXXXXXXX high school. Recently, I was assaulted by another student over a bus seat. And I know jcps doesn’t necessarily control the busing, but the student is getting by with it. The assault happened on the bus and there’s a video that XXXXXX’s busing lady has seen. The girl was suspended, but this morning I was told that I have to move out of my seat when she comes back and give it to her. The only reason I sit in this seat is because of the heater that’s right next to it. I have a physical brain disorder called chiari malformation. And other medical problems and I get cold more easily than others. We don’t have assigned seats, it’s not like i was in HER seat. I’ve been sitting there all year, and she tried to take it from me one day and I refused to move. I just feel that it isn’t fair that she gets to assault me, take the seat that I’ve sat in EVERY morning since the first day of school, and get by with all this. No one is taking me seriously. I have other issues with JCPS too. But this one is putting me in danger and no one is taking me seriously.


Thank you,

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