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Make Busing Better; Don’t End It

Dear JCPS,

My name is EC. I am currently a freshman attending Doss High school. I am for busing but I believe that there is a way to help ensure that students don’t have to stay on the bus for hours at a time. As a student on my beginning year of high school, I have made lots of friends and enjoy the school I am currently attending. If they were to stop busing and send students to neighborhood schools I would have to go to [a different] High School.

One way we could improve the busing of students in JCPS is to lessen the amount of bus stops the bus has to go to. By lessening the amount of bus stops the bus takes to pick up students it reduces the amount of gas the bus is using and it also prevents overcrowding. Many buses today have way too many students and this can cause accidents and bus fights to occur. So, we could lessen the amount of bus stops and two of the major problems with busing are solved.

Another way is to allow students with good grades, attendance, and etcetera to attend schools of their choice and if they do not qualify for this then they get sent to schools closer to home. This allows more students to have a choice. Many students go to certain schools because of the certain programs that school has to offer. I see no reason to take away their privilege and taking away the bus that gets them to and from the learning that they desire.

Lastly, we could offer programs that certain schools have to other schools so that some students have a reason to want to go to schools closer to home. This also gives students the chance to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs that they want to join. Doing this would encourage to go to home schools but it opens opportunities for more students to go to schools of their choice.

I understand this process is going to be a long one. Please, understand many students go to certain schools because they choose too. I believe this new system will help to better the busing system in all JCPS schools.


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