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No Privilege? Sorry, No Prom For You.

Dear JCPS,

My daughter has a friend that goes to [Name Withheld] High School. She has a very difficult home life and has missed a lot of school because of it. She is often left to care for her younger siblings and misses school. She has a car but it is in very rough shape. My husband has been working on it to try and get it to a half way reliable state. She was put on probation at school for her attendance and had to sign a contract agreeing to not miss any more days of school. She has had car trouble one day that made her late,  and was signed out one day early to take care of her siblings that she did not have prior knowledge that was going to happen. So now she is being told that she can not attend prom. After she has tried so hard bought a dress, and we got it altered for her. The attendance manager told her there is nothing that can be done. He said “If I have car trouble, I go buy a new car.” So that’s not an acceptable excuse for JCPS. She is so very very upset and I just want to try and help her. Is there anything you can suggest? Her prom is Friday.

Concerned Parent

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