Response from Hargens Re: Shawnee Email

A couple of days after I sent the below email to Dr. Donna Hargens, I received a response from her.

We Must Take Bold Steps for The Academy @ Shawnee

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From: Hargens, Donna <>
Date: Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: We Must Take Bold Steps for The Academy @ Shawnee
To: Gay Adelmann <>
Cc: “Dempsey, Barbara R” <>, “Jaggers, Amber K” <>, “Vandermeer, William S” <>, “Majors, Jeronda J” <>, “Benboe, Venita M” <>, Diane Porter <>, Steph Horne <>, “Jonesjr, David” <>, Chris Brady <>, “” <>, “Haddaway, Chuck” <>, Lisa Willner <>, “Munoz, Marco A” <>, “Hudson, Tom” <>, “Collopy, John D” <>, “Martin, Allison G.” <>, “Dennes, Amy P” <>, Karin Bennett <>, “” <>, Roberta Vincent <>, “Dossett, Dena H” <>, “Hargens, Donna” <>, “Perkins, Chris A” <>

Everyone agrees that Shawnee is a “shining star” and that it provides a great opportunity for JCPS students.  Principal Benboe has the most accurate and up-to-date information in recruitment efforts.  We devoted a full-time Magnet Coordinator position to maintain a focus on recruitment.  

Principal Benboe, as always, reach out directly to Dr. Dossett.  Student assignment falls in her division and Dr. Dossett will immediately be able to assist and let you know what is possible.

Thanks to all for your passion for, and for your support of JCPS students!

Superintendent Hargens

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To which, I responded at the following JCPS Board Meeting: