Chris Perkins

One minute, you’re on top of the world.

2020-04-27 | JCPS Superintendent Names Chris Perkins as New COO

The next minute, you’re taking the fall.

2023-10-02 | JCPS official reassigned in wake of busing plan disaster

Notice, it says “reassigned,” not “let go.” Not “terminated.” Nope, like they do with many tainted employees, they’re letting him hide out in the “land of misfit toys,” as a well-known-local-journalist-turned-high-ranking-KDE-official once referred to JCPS’s personnel purgatory, to await his fate. Those entitled to due process but not suitable to work around children or in public must be reassigned in a dance resembling “presumed guilty until someone more powerful can determine their innocence.” Who returns unscathed, who gets hung out to dry, and who remains indefinitely in limbo is anyone’s guess. It makes no sense to us. All we can do is share what we know.

Several people contacted me in the wake of the most recent news story. So as not to sit on anything of potential value, I dug out a couple of personnel files I got back from open records a couple of months ago so y’all can do your own digging.

This page is a “child” of Transportation Personnel. All part of a much greater work in progress. This is the result of a request for the personnel file, investigations and other pertinent records involving Chris Perkins. A separate file came back for Marcus Dobbs.

Additional reports of retaining his salary led to us requesting additional Chris Perkins Updates, including investigations and changes to his title. They can be found at the link.