Amanda Rhye – 3rd VP

  • We met Amanda during the teacher-led actions in Frankfort. She approached us about hosting a parent-led rally in front of Van Hoose and we did everything we could to support them. The event was a huge success.
  • Amanda also spoke to news media about the parental support of JCPS teachers.
  • She will make a great 15th District PTA leader and advocate.
Questions and responses are taken from the 15th District PTA Website, where you can also find information about the candidates on the slate, the election and how to become a delegate. 

What PTA positions have you held in the past and what PTA/PTSA are currently a member of?

I have been a member of the Eisenhower Elementary School PTA since my daughter started kindergarten there last school year. I enjoy volunteering throughout the year and look forward to another four years of service to our school.

What prompted you to seek this position?

In the recent months I have become a much more actively involved parent in the bigger picture outside of our individual school walls. Several people contacted me to say that they thought I would be a great advocate for our children in this capacity as a board member, and I agreed that it is an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on a wider scale. I will be happy to assist the Board, in any way possible.

What about the position excites you and why do you want to join the 15th District PTA Board?

I volunteer at every possible opportunity for both our school staff and PTA. I have always been dedicated to helping improve the lives of children around me, in whatever way I can. Without a doubt, a strong community of support for our students is the most vital key to their success, and the PTA is the heart of that community. To be a part of such an important part of our school system is wonderful, because as a mother to me nothing is more important than education.

Will you be comfortable being an ambassador or advocate for our association and our mission which includes National PTA Resolutions and Position Statements? If so, what makes you passionate about our association?

I feel more than capable of being an advocate for the PTA. My hope is to help take ideas that work in successful PTAs, and share them to other schools to help strengthen them. Outside of our school staff, the parents involved are an important part of schools that do well. PTA gives us the organization to accomplish amazing goals. Joining a board requires working as part of a team.

How would you describe your ability to work on a team? The role you think you will play as part of this team.

As an EMT for over a decade, the first thing I learned is that for success team work is crucial. I am comfortable working and adapting to others, compromising, and playing whatever role is needed at the time. Those are all important factors to being a team player, and any organization cannot succeed without those abilities. I am great at organizing and leadership, but also know when to step back and play a support role. A 15th District PTA Board position is an important commitment.

Are you able to give the time necessary to fulfill this role and to attend all PTA board meetings and events?

I am currently a stay home mother, dedicating my time to ensuring my daughter’s education gets off to a good start and volunteering all of my free time. As such this role fits perfectly into the flexibility my schedule

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