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An Open Letter From Valley High School Parent

This is in regards to the Valley High School state findings, that the current interim principal is not fit for the school.

I would have to DISAGREE with the findings at Valley High School. Mr. Gossett was giving the interim principal role just a few months ago, when our principal ran into some health issues. Mr. Gossett was the Assistant Principal of Valley High at the time. So who better to be put into the head role at the school. Mr. Gossett knows what these kids need, what works for them, and he has plenty of support from the parents to continue doing what he’s doing there at Valley. This would be a big mistake taking him from this role at the school. As a parent of a Viking I support him & all he’s done to make changes in the short period of time he has had this role. We will continue to make sure our voices as parents are being heard at JCPS.

Roxanne Humphrey

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