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Blue Ribbon Principal at Norton Elementary

Dear JCPS,

I am writing in regards to a situation which occurred over the summer and still isn’t resolved at Norton Elementary School. I am sure we all remember the hasty firing of Principal Ken Stites this past May. The district blamed it on him living out of district and sending his kids to JCPS schools, when in fact, they knew about it all along. Next, they tried to accuse the rash decision on complaints made by Renae Mullins-May, former Goal Clarity Coach at Norton Elementary; however, when the truth is to be told, both reasons have been dismissed and the district has since realized they don’t have a leg to stand on.

The changing of admiration, Donna Hargens leaving and Marty Pollio taking over has left the Norton Community in limbo when selecting a new principal. Here is my question to the district, Marty Polio, and anyone else who can answer it…. If after further investigations Mr. Stites was found to have been fired under wrongful information, then why isn’t he back at his school as principal? Yes, he has a job in the district, a desk job in transportation, where a very good leader is sitting not doing what he was born to do. Why? Can anyone answer this for me?

As a parent and Stakeholder in JCPS and Norton Elementary, I just don’t understand why he is good enough to have a job in JCPS but not good enough to go back to his school. Mr. Stites has spent 12 years as Principal at Norton Elementary, long days and nights at the school working on projects, helping teachings, completing reports or paperwork, or sitting in meetings to learn how to make his school even more success. He has led his teachers and staff members to 3 consecutive years as a School of Distinction and recently received a National Blue Ribbon Award from the United States Department of Education. So why wouldn’t the district want him back at Norton to continue the success??? Maybe it’s because they don’t want to admit they were wrong when they fired him. It was blasted on every news channel when he was fired and nothing when they hired him back. JCPS hasn’t even acknowledge the award for Norton, the Students, and Staff. They had a small blur on the website for 3 days but the Staff member from Lincoln who was in a commercial as a pirate was up for several weeks. How is any of this what is best for our district, schools, staff members, and students?

Do what is right, not what you need for your ego!

Concerned Parent


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