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Busing is the Right Decision

Dear JCPS,

My name is J.M., a student at Doss High School, and I am for busing. Busing started in the 1970’s to ensure that schools were not segregated. Segregation in public schools ended in 1954 due to the Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education. Busing gives students the opportunities to go to schools in areas with more money.

The more money a school has, the better education for the children. There would be better textbooks and technology. Not all schools have lots of money, but with busing it gives students a way to get to a school outside of their neighborhood. Studies show that the more textbooks and technology a school has, there is a better education for students.

If busing were to end, some children’s test scores may drop. Most neighborhood schools are not as good as schools that requires busing, educational wise. Some may argue that students are on the bus for too long. But getting a better education is more important than how long a child is on the bus.

I believe that if a student is on a bus for too long they should spend their time wisely. What I mean by that is, if they have homework, they can complete that on the bus. If they are tired, they can take their afternoon nap on the bus. If this is done on the bus, children would not have much to do when they return home from school.

If busing ends, that would basically be segregation all over again. There are certain neighborhoods that are separated by races. If everyone had to go to their Neighborhood schools, the school would consist of all one race. Busing helps prevent racism, because most schools are now mixed with different races. I hope you make the right decision and keep busing.


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