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Keep Busing For the Better of the People

Dear JCPS,

My name is S. P. and I am currently in Mrs. Weaver’s Exploring Civics class at Doss high school. Right now in class we are going over integration, segregation, and busing. We have been doing research by reading articles and watching videos to see if we think busing is a good thing or a bad thing for the people. I think busing is a good thing and I would like you to keep busing for as long as possible.

My first reason why busing is good is if we didn’t have busing people would [have to] move to the nicer neighborhoods so their child can get the better education. A child would get a better education from a higher [income] school because what I have noticed is that kids that have parents with lots of money are more likely to behave, get good grades, and allow the teachers to teach more than a poor kid would. So my point is if you are in a higher [income] school area most of the kids are more engaged and behave than the lower [income] schools so it would be easier to learn in the nicer neighborhood schools.

My second point is Detroit and Louisville. Detroit does not do busing and Louisville does. Now the cities are almost identical racially and socially. Now Detroit who does not do busing, has a higher crime rate and there vacancy is higher than Louisville’s. So is it a coincidence, because I don’t think it is.

Another reason people think busing is bad is it keeps students from playing sports. Well I disagree with this point because my friend rides a bus for an hour and still wrestles. Every day the school gives him a TARC ticket to get home. So if they want to play sports they can.

So these are some of my reasons why I think busing is good. I hope you agree with my letter. So I ask you to keep busing for the better of the people.


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