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Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

Dear JCPS,

My name is J. S., I am a student attending Doss High School. I am writing to explain my reasoning why busing in JCPS should continue. JCPS busing program is perfectly fine the way it is. Busing is a way many kids are having fun with their friends, at compound children at seeing and meeting people they like and socialize with. Even the wait on compound busing is fun for others, for example gives some of them a chance to finish work if they didn’t feel like doing work as soon as they got home.

If JCPS were to change the busing it wouldn’t encourage lots of children to attend school. Students wouldn’t want to go to school that does not help them achieve their biggest goal. A lot of parents tell their child to apply to a certain school they think would give them a better opportunity that can’t reach at their home school. Students base the school they want to attend on their grade point average, programs, activities and etc. All schools don’t have the other programs and activates that most schools have.

There are a lot of CONS that will be faced if busing stops. There wouldn’t be a lot of kids in JCPS, parents would be forced to send their child far away from home for a better education. More children would go to their neighborhood school. Families with lots of money go to private schools because they don’t like people in certain areas (sad but true). Students would have to car ride which burns more fossil fuel and not all parents have money for gas.
With busing it will gives students opportunities to go to school in areas with money. Students will have the opportunity to go to school with people who are unlike/different from them. Sending students to their applied school will raise test scores by putting them in their appropriate class. Busing provides equal opportunity in public education. Also it eliminates a lot of racism.

Busing stopping will cause a lot of history to most likely repeat itself. More schools will get over populated with children having to go to their neighborhood school. More states who stop busing will get more segregated. In neighborhoods more blacks live in a certain part than whites which would cause segregation. Students wouldn’t feel comfortable in a school mostly filled with just one race and will leave. Eventually residents in JCPS will get mad and busing would have to start again.


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