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Copiers in Need of Repair Districtwide

To Dear JCPS,

I’m an STC at a JCPS school and I prefer to remain anonymous but I would like to clarify the STC and copier issue:

At a recent STC meeting we were told that due to department cuts, Technology Support Services would no longer be servicing VCRs, CRT TVs, duplicators (different than copiers) or laminators. We were told an email would be sent to our principals on Friday. This is the content of the email:

Operations Division

From Michael Raisor, Chief Operations Officer


Information Technology constantly reviews its technology services repertoire in an effort to improve the service to its customers. We have added some new services in the recent past, but we have also identified certain services that have to be discontinued in order to keep up with changes in new, cutting-edge technology. Effective September 1, 2016, we will no longer service the following non-IT/outmoded equipment.

1) Laminators (this includes refilling laminators)
2) Duplicators
3) Televisions with CRT
4) VCRs

STCs were not given responsibility for servicing these items. It was mentioned that they are working on a bid for people to repair laminators (the one at my school and the one at my wife’s school are currently not working). They will also be sending out a video on the proper way to refill a laminator.

I just wanted to suggest the story not be about STCs or Technology Support Services. It looks like these cuts come from the top (I heard they cut the copier repair guys from 8 to 1). JCPS is once again putting the cost of doing the things necessary to teach on the schools and the teachers. They know the dedicated teachers will go to Kinkos for copies and Gheens for laminating (at $1 a foot). And they know these teachers will pay for this out of their own pocket because it’s become too difficult to get reimbursed (laminating at Gheens can be billed to the school with principal permission).

I hope this clears up the issue. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous STC

Dear JCPS brought this concern to Dr. Hargens and Ms. Porter at last night’s community conversation. At Dr. Hargens’ request, we are collecting a list of schools that have copier repair needs to send to her. Please email your comments, which will be kept anonymous, to moderator@dearjcps.com.

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