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Fool Me Thrice

“Fun” automated transcript provided by You Tube (since I didn’t have a prepared speech that night.)

good evening dear JCPS my subject tonight is for me thrice I don’t know
0:10how many times I’ve been fooled actually I know it’s been at least more than
0:15three but you know how the joke goes for me once shame on you fool me twice shame
0:20on me
0:21what happens when your full 3 times 4 times 5 times a hundred times at what
0:27point do you take things to the next level
0:31I’m gonna give you three examples of times that I’ve been fooled the first
0:37one pertains to my son school ever since I set foot in that school I recognize
0:43the goldmine that it is and I’ve been trying my background is marketing so
0:47I’ve been trying for the last three years to help recruit students to that
0:51school because that’s where priority school or failing school one way to
0:55change our scores is to recruit students to the magnet and help grow this horse
0:58and every single year I’ve had obstacle after obstacle after obstacle thrown at
1:05my feet
1:08i sent an email to all of you but last week with some of my concerns and dr.
1:13organs appreciate your response and I appreciate your response
1:16dr. Huggins wrote everyone agrees that sean is a shining star and that it
1:20provides a great opportunity for JCPS students there’s a disconnect
1:25not everyone does recognize that that’s my point that’s what we’re trying to do
1:29is change perception and so if we think that we have that everyone already
1:34recognizes that then we’re not even admitting what the problem is my second
1:40concern is Challenger Learning Center a year ago when you voted to allow
1:44Kentucky science center to operate it
1:46you promised us that the new operator their proposal said they would 550
1:51missions we flew hundred and fifty missions last year so no interruption in
1:54service was the promise they flew 42 i think it was so we went to a third of
2:02what we had been doing before and yet we’re paying them we just renewed the
2:06budget for ninety thousand dollars to pay them when the reason we cut it was
2:09because it was costing us $250,000 without any return
2:12but 8,000 students went through the program that’s a return
2:16where’s the value put on that there’s no that there’s been no value put on that
2:18and here we are renewing the contract for even more this year and it’s dark
2:23most days
2:25what do we need to do to send all of JCPS sixth and seventh-graders through
2:29this investment that we’ve already made we spent the $MONEY million dollars to
2:32install it at Shawnee and it’s it’s dark
2:35let’s put kids back into that program and the third issue is the hair policy
2:40and you’ve already heard speakers and I know it’s been talked to death but I was
2:45disappointed that the letter indicated that the person who brought it to the
2:49attention should have asked first instead of admitting that we made a
2:52mistake we made a mistake there should be a review process that says you cannot
2:56violate law and you cannot violate board policy and it should be reviewed it got
3:01changed by a couple of people who’d probably meant no harm just weren’t
3:05familiar with the terms and it became a big stink because there wasn’t a policy
3:09in place so my question to you is what do we do when I’ve been when it’s for me
3:14once fool me twice for me thrice what are those next steps
3:18Thank you Thank You muscleman

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