"Males of Color" Magnet School

Regarding the “Males of Color” School Proposal

Dear JCPS Board Members, Superintendent and District Leaders:

Several parents, teachers, staff, administrators, students, community members have contacted us with questions and concerns regarding the proposed WEB DuBois school for “males of color.” We are hoping that you can provide us with answers to the following more urgent questions:

  1. Where will the school be housed?
  2. When is the board expected to vote on this proposal?
  3. Will there be opportunities for public input via community forums?
  4. When was the public first made aware of this proposal (prior to the work session)?
  5. How long has the board known about it?
  6. How can we possibly expect to be ready to open this school in 2017-2018 and be sure all the controls are in place and questions are answered in order for it will be successful, and not another failure like so many half-baked proposals we’ve seen in recent years?
  7. Dr. Marshall said this proposal was to “address some of the inequities that we’ve talked about for years, … It’s the next natural step on what we’re working on as far as equity and in closing the achievement gap.” Please explain how this proposal will this address inequities and close the achievement gap?
  8. What did Dr. Marshall mean when he said this proposal was a “big step for the board?” Where did this idea come from? The board or the administration?

Also, in case you missed it, please provide the community with answers to the following list of questions from Louisville School Beat.

And please review and respond to this list of Questions and Comments From Stakeholders, which is constantly being updated and added to.

And also, please consider this letter from one of our very own teachers who teacher in a priority school.

Non-Negotiables Could Make ANY School a SUPERSCHOOL

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


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