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FCPS Parent Disputes Opinion Letter on Lexington’s CGW Academy

My name is Dr. Shambra Mulder, one of the FCPS parents that was named in an article that you published by an “anonymous” writer about the Carter G. Woodson.

First of all, I am appalled that you would allow someone to use people’s names in a public way. Had the person not hid their name I may have believed that their intent was not malicious.

Nevertheless, my primary problem with the piece is that it was a gross misinformation about something that is not that difficult to get accurate information.

To save time, I will share ONLY my social media reactions to the article:

1. Not sure of the definition of “Lexington Elite” because we are still Black and are reminded of that fact everyday in Lexington.
2. My son does not attend CGW but if he did it would because it the best school for him and it is his parent’s choice (unlike some of the “elite” programs in FCPS).
4. If all the kids on this list went to CGW they would make up less than 10% of the school’s population.
3. Why be anonymous- could it be be because you are being messy, racist, or just plain cowardly?

Fear is the at the root of everything when you try to block something that would benefit someone else!

The success of racial minorities do not equal the detriment of White people especially when the game is already stack against us (equity).

5. God is at the root of the success of the “Black Elites” and the success of CGW and Satan (or his children) will not stop it.

My other comments: I guess the boys that go CGW are supposed to be from single parent homes, poor, and thugs because that is how they see them.

I truly believe in this era of “fake news” folks just want to write/say things because they think people will believe it if it is in print.

Also if one is bold enough to write people’s name in the letter, the editor should make you report your name Anonymous (because you feel threatened or unsafe?)…lol.

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