Accountability, EARN the People's Vote, Police Free Schools

We Support Philly Students’ Demands!

Imagine a world where ALL children feel safe in their schools and not fearful of becoming the next victim of racial profiling or police brutality. Help us get the message to those who have the power to correct the injustices that our BIPOC students across this nation face every day.

Philadelphia Student Union Representatives write:

We are writing with a request to support our family at the Philadelphia Student Union. As you may have heard, Philadelphia police murdered Walter Wallace Jr, a young Black man in the middle of a mental health crisis, in West Philly, not too far from PSU’s office and the site of the MOVE bombing. Since then, folks have been mobilizing and protesting, including young people. The police, like they always do, have been violent against protestors. PSU youth have drafted a statement and continue to demand police free schools and the end of racist policing in their schools and communities. School policing is a violent system. Street policing is a violent system. PSU has known this first hand.

Below is their statement:

PSU is also asking folk who can, to call the Board of Education demanding they abolish the school safety office that employs to school police. 

Call, email, or write a letter!

Phone Number: 215 400 4010



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